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Contact information:

Phone: +1 800.651.8054

Services Provided by Help Lightning:

Merge local, remote collaborative video streams to give/receive interactive help

About Help Lightning:

Help Lightning develops and delivers superior mobile communication, collaboration and cognition through merged reality and virtual interactive presence for users needing help solving problems, currently across 50 countries.

Our patented technology accelerates and simplifies the way knowledge is exchanged, information is learned and problems are solved.

Mobile merged reality and virtual interaction allows for digital merging of two realtime views, blending local and remote collaborative video and audio streams to give or receive interactive help anywhere.


We’ve reimagined how businesses, customers and employees are able to give and receive help. By making an experience that is easy, fast, intuitive and expansive, we’ve eliminated the frustrations and inadequacies of phone or simple video chat, as well as dramatically reduced the need to drive or fly to interact in person.

Go beyond the value and ROI of improved operations: quickly solve problems for customers, assist newly on-boarded personnel, eliminate wasteful trips and differentiate the way your products are sold, implemented and serviced.

Go beyond the value and ROI of improved operations: quickly solve problems for customers, assist newly on-boarded personnel, eliminate wasteful trips and differentiate the way your products are sold, implemented and serviced.

Technical, healthcare, manufacturing, and service experts can show a resolution, not just describe it, even when thousands of miles away. Visually collaborate, assist with issues, and resolve problems as though you were working side-by-side with a colleague or customer.

Getting started is easy. Download the app for any iOS or Android mobile device and start helping and sharing ideas instantly.

No other special equipment is needed to start a merged reality session where the live video streams and telestration are combined and smartly intertwined to change the way a person can give or receive help.

Add simple sign-up to powerful administration and management tools and affordable success can be there in an instant.

Once you’re in a merged reality call with a colleague, customer or friend, simply tap to choose whether you’re giving or receiving help, and start collaborating in seconds. Merged reality adds missing visual cues, gestures, and non-verbal communication methods to any session.

News and features from Help Lightning:

future_mechanicTechnology spotlight: Mobile Merged Reality

We look at what Help Lightning are terming Mobile Merged Reality, An innovative mobile solution goes beyond augmented reality (AR) to redefine the future of help…


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