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  • The driver distraction app from Romex that could save lives

    Nov 8, 13 • 3249 Views • Fleet Technology, News, videoComments Off on The driver distraction app from Romex that could save lives

      Romex’s new Driver Distraction Prevention mobile app offers a simple, cost effective and easy way to prevent the use of mobile phones for calling, texting, emailing or social media whilst driving. The only exception being emergency calls e.g.

  • Aubrey Fox on “the changing role of Field Service”

    Nov 7, 13 • 3004 Views • Logistics, Uncategorized, videoComments Off on Aubrey Fox on “the changing role of Field Service”

     Trimble Field Service Management’s Aubrey Fox discusses the changing role of field service.  

  • All about Aeromark…

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     Contact information:  Key Contact: Phillip Hoare, Head of Sales Phone: +44 (0) 845 330 5757 Web: Email: Services Provided by Aeromark: About Aeromark: Aeromark is at the forefront of Service and Asset

  • All about: BDA…

    Jan 27, 13 • 3036 Views • Directory, LogisticsComments Off on All about: BDA…

     Contact information:  Key Contact: Steve Court Phone: +44 (0) 2476 30 30 10 Web: Email: Services Provided: About BDA: European Air and Road Express logistics Solutions BDA (Bespoke Distribution

  • All about… Field Service Fall

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     Contact information:  Key Contact: Malcolm Clark Phone: +1 416-597-4779 Web: Twitter: @WBResearch   Go to Field Service Fall for: The Networking: Field Service is focused on providing you with as many new

  • All About: eBECS

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     Contact information for eBECS: Phone: +44 (0) 8455 441 441 email: web: Services provided: All about eBECS: The eBECS philosophy is simple: Technology is about successfully connecting people, process and

  • All about… Field Service Forum

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     Contact information: Key Contact: Tomas Igou, Content Director Phone: +46 8 50 25 5239 Web: Twitter: @Prod_Lifecycle Go to Field Service Europe for: There is also a lot to be done to make field operations more