The Twenty most influential people in Field Service?

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As we approach the end of the year and look towards what the future holds in 2015 Field Service News thought it was time to show some appreciation to those who are driving our industry forward. The pioneers, the leaders, those who walk the path that the rest of us follow in.

So today we are proud to be launching the #FSN20 campaign to celebrate the 20 most influential people in field service.

How are we selecting these influencers? We’re not – you are. Simply state who you think has had the most influence on you in your professional role. 

  • Is it one of the leading analysts such as Bill Pollock, Sumair Dutta or Aly Pinder whose latest white paper struck a deep chord with you?
  • Has a a piece of software or hardware revolutionised your workload so significantly the person driving that company forward has influenced you?
  • What about some of those leading the way in service roles – people like Martin Summerhayes at Fujitsu or Martin Hotass at Siemens – both are pioneers tackling challenges the whole industry faces?
  • Your favourite journalist perhaps – maybe Derek Korte at SmartVan, Sarah Nicastro over at Field Technologies Online or even one of our own humble scribes here at Field Service News?
  • Even quite simply it could be your boss or one of your work colleagues – that inspire you everyday.

Who ever it is, simply add their name and a couple of lines about why you’ve nominated them in the comments section below. You can also vote via social media so spread the word amongst your colleagues a simple vote with your nominations name, company and the hashtag #FSN20 on twitter will register as a vote and there will also be postings across Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin so spread the word and get voting.

The final list will be compiled in the January edition of Field Service News which will be available in print to all our UK readers and available online and as a download for all our international readers.

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8 Responses to The Twenty most influential people in Field Service?

  1. Kris Oldland says:

    I’ll start the ball rolling myself and i’m going to suggest Martin Summerhayes, Head of Services at Fujitsu. Not only was he a genuinely good guy to talk to when I interviewed him earlier this year but also having pretty much created the HP service offering himself he has had a huge influence on the way service is delivered in printing/IT services and continues to do so in his role with Fujitsu to this day….

  2. Andrew Marder says:

    I’ll throw in a nod to Aly Pinder. His work is fantastic and he’s very approachable. Any time I’ve had a question, he’s been more than happy to help me. I think the work he’s done on the impact of the internet of things on field service is especially forward thinking.

  3. Chuck Grothaus says:

    I’d like to nominate Mynul Khan, founder and CEO of Field Nation. Mynul has created a web-based platform used by more than 50,000 businesses and independent/freelance contractors. The site matches business needs with skilled individuals, but more that that, it enables freelancers to market their skills and allows businesses to manage projects from start to finish to payment. During the past three years, Field Nation has grown more than 1,000% as the labor market in the U.S. has shifted from permanent W2 employees to 1099 contractors. Mynul truly is a visionary in the Freelancer Management System category.

  4. Kris Oldland says:

    @ Andrew – agree Aly PInder has both a fantastic understanding of where the industry is heading and is also a genuinely good guy too work with – I know here at FSN we are really pleased to have him on board as a one of our regular guest columnists. Thanks for taking time to make the nomination too!

  5. Kris Oldland says:

    @ Chuck – thanks for the nomination and it’s a good one. The Field Nation model certainly has changed the ways things operate on your side of the Atlantic that’s for sure and it seems Mynul has been at the forefront of shaping that change. One of the things i’ll be keeping a close eye on in 2015 is whether such an approach could work in a more disjointed market such as Europe… Thanks for the nomination!

  6. Kris Oldland says:

    Some of the votes from across social media spectrum…

    Sumair Dutta – Service Council
    Jack Dangermond – Esri
    Sarah Castrallto – Field Technologies Online
    Bill Pollock – Services for Growth,
    Roger Pinney – United Grinding
    and um… Kris Oldland – Field Service News

  7. John says:

    John Carroll of the Service Council gets my vote. He not only started the Service Council, but he also was key in the building of Aberdeen’s Field Service Practice. John with the Service Council has changed the way service executives communicate and share ideas with each other.

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