Demolition contractor Maylarch implement Masternaut telematics solution

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Demolition contractor and asbestos removal expert Maylarch have opted to use Masternaut’s full telematics solution across the entirety of their fleet in a move to reduce costs, lower fuel emissions and improve driver safety.

The decision to work with a telematics provider was made by the company in a bid to optimize their transport management system and having installed the Masternaut system they have seen benefits impact not only on its fleet division but also in a number of other business areas as well.

Nick Williamson, Managing Director of Maylarch commented:

“We chose Masternaut above other telematics providers because the solution was more user-friendly for our staff and offered far clearer, more detailed reporting – particularly from a driver behaviour point of view”

“Since implementing the solution we have seen a wide range of benefits across many areas of our business.” He continued

“Fuel costs have been reduced by 7% in addition to lowered vehicle wear-and-tear thanks to improved driver behaviour, which in turn has led to a reduction in emissions. When it comes to compliance and insurance, we are now able to identify both the location and driver of any vehicle at any given time, enabling us to prove or disprove a driver’s involvement in an incident. Finally, driver behaviour monitoring with a focus on speeding has helped improve driver safety and awareness of best driving practice amongst our employees – which truly is invaluable.”

The system Masternaut have implemented by Maylarch not only allows for the them to report on drivers whereabouts but also includes the ability to score drivers based on vehicle economy and driving behaviour.

With built-in, localised speed limits for every road network, this offering includes tailored real-time speeding alerts, as well as comprehensive reporting.

A direct result of this is that Maylarch have launched their Safer Driving Scheme, which aims to improve driving standards across the organisation by monitoring drivers and incentivising good driver practise. Based on the reports generated by Masternaut’s data, the scheme has already seen a reduction in speeding by 9%.

Martin Hiscox, CEO and chairman of Masternaut, commented:

“Nowadays, the benefits of using telematics are no longer restricted solely to the fleet department – and Maylarch is the perfect example of how businesses can be using our solutions to achieve results across all areas of the organisation.

“We’re delighted that Masternaut’s technology has formed the backbone of the Maylarch Safer Driving Scheme, and look forward to working very closely with Maylarch in the future to support similar initiatives.”


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