Vocal driver coaching from Geotab

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Canadian M2M and telematics company Geotab has launched GO TALK, a new driver coaching tool with a difference: the driving advice is voice-directed.

Designed to improve behind-the-wheel decision making, GO TALK  provides real-time verbal feedback. It is an add-on module for Geotab’s  GO7 vehicle tracking device that combines GPS tracking, accelerometer and diagnostic data, as well as other manager programmable data incorporating time of day and location zones to relay instant, spoken instruction and safety information directly to fleet drivers. Information is passed back to the fleet management centre to monitor driver behavior and the effectiveness of responses to the audible coaching.

“GO TALK is another big step forward in coaching fleet drivers and improving driving standards,” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab. “The solution has road and driver safety at its heart, but fleet managers will also recognise productivity and fuel savings it delivers.”

Fleet managers can add custom event-triggers into the fleet management control system, including fastening seatbelt, entering a restricted area, exceeding a fleet-determined speed limit, idling for too long, aggressive acceleration and harsh braking and driving excessive hours.

GO TALK is designed to work with Geotab’s GO7 fleet telematics device which already records and reports data on driving habits, safety and health of vehicle information, such as seat belt use, fuel consumption and engine.

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