Month: February 2018


Next Service Community Event at Cambridge University on the 19th April

UK based non-profit knowledge sharing group the Service Community which Field Service News is proud to partner with has recently announced one of the most diverse events they have organised in the last couple of years. The next Service Community event will be hosted by the Cambridge Service Alliance at the Institute for Manufacturing (a...

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Feature, Service Operations

Delight or disappoint – it’s time to choose

Laurent Othacéhé, CEO of Cognito iQ explores the importance of going beyond meeting customer expectations and ensuring you are delighting your customers… For some years now, the prevailing wisdom has been that in order to stand out from their competitors, businesses of all types must focus on their customers’ experiences....

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Feature, FSM Technology

FSN Leaders: Dan Sewell, COO Espresso Service on selecting a dedicated FSN solution

Kris Oldland Talks exclusively to Dan Sewell, COO, Espresso Service about why he and his organisation identified the need for a dedicated field service management solution including why they felt it needed to be a cloud solution and the reason they opted for Tesseract Service Centre Tesseract an Asolvi product has had on his...

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Service Strategy

How Aware Are You of Your Field Service Organisation’s Awareness in the Marketplace?

As service becomes a core differentiator amongst competing for business the ability to sell the value of service is an essential facet of modern business strategy. Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for Growth discusses the nuance of marketing the value of your service and how to get it right…

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News, Service Operations

AVAYA announce a new AI called AVA designed to enable service companies deliver better customer experience

Avaya has recently announced advancements in delivering and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into contact centres to improve the customer experience… Avaya Ava™, a new AI architecture including natural language processing, machine learning and innovative analytics, enables effortless customer engagement...

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IFS Study: Trade contractors struggle to realize aftermarket service revenue potential due to obsolete software

Field service management software is transforming trade/ speciality contracting as more revenue comes from service contracts and maintenance… IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has released a primary research study revealing that legacy software solutions used by speciality and trade contractors could prevent them...

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Feature, Leadership

Industry Leaders – Dan Sewell, Espresso Service on overseas expansion

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News talks exclusively to Dan Sewell, COO of Espresso Service about the improvements to their service delivery that they have seen come to the fore since the implementation of Tesseract Service Centre, an Asolvi product....

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Feature, Leadership, Service Operations

3 keys to build a strong employer brand in the Service Industry…

Nick Frank, Managing partner at Si2 Partners explores an important topic in the face of an ageing workforce crisis – how to make your brand an attractive prospect for the growing Millennial workforce…

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