Month: September 2022

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How to Make your Remote Support Team Super-Efficient

The secret to making super-efficient remote support teams is having the right hierarchy paired with the right process and tools. Check out our top tips to make your remote support team super-efficien

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White Paper: Reflect. Rethink. Revise (2022)

New Paradigm of Service Delivery
in partnership with: FIELDSERVICENEWS
An exclusive collection of essays authored by Kris Oldland, designed to help service leaders understand the challenges our industry faces in a post-pandemic world…

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OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Three

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform 2022 Wave Three unleashes its full potential, offering a tailor-made FSM solution built to satisfy customers’ needs, maximize business efficiency, and improve customer experience.

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Can You Train Entrepreneurialism?

Prof Dr Shaun West and Kris Oldland discuss entrepreneurialism and reflect on the possiblity to train people on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

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Keeping pace with the evolution of rugged technology for operational success

Fred Kao, CEO Twinhead International, the company behind Durabook, the brand for rugged and mobile-optimised laptops and tablets, discusses the evolving landscape and identifies the key factors organisations should consider when investing in the latest rugged technology.

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First full-electric Volta Zero drives off the production line in Steyr, Austria

The first Volta Zero vehicle has been completed at the company’s contract manufacturing facility in Steyr, Austria.

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The Panasonic Rugged Handheld Loved by Postal and Last Mile Delivery Workers Gets a Powerful Refresh

The latest TOUGHBOOK N1 handheld is more flexible, future-proof and more powerful.

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The Resilience of Service Businesses During Economic Downturns

Prof Dr Shaun West and Kris Oldland reflect on how service businesses have been resilient during tough times over the years, such as the pandemic and economic crises.

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What do we need the next generation of field service leaders to understand? 

Experts from Aquant, Salesforce, ServiceMax and Syncron give us their perspective on this complex topic.

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Veego Introduces Self-Care Mobile App for Communication Service Providers and Their Internet Subscribers

Veego Active deflects calls from Customer Care while reducing handling time and speeding resolution of the calls that are made.

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