Field Service
News Symposium 2022

October 5th & 6th 2022 | Edgbaston International Stadium | United Kingdom

The Field Service News Symposium is a new approach to industry discussions. Our focus is on meaningful discussions through guided peer-to-peer learning. 


At the ‘Symposium’ you won’t find a single presentation. 


Instead you will discover the opportunity to work alongside your peers, to brainstorm solutions to the problems we all face in industry. You will find conversations that centre around best-practice. You will find the ideas that can help transform your service operations. 


Read on to find out more… 

The Field Service News Think Tank sessions have become an increasingly important part of the dialogue in our industry.


Each month we host an intimate group to discuss a key theme around a major issue we as an industry need to address. The conversations are held under Chatham House rule offering the participants the freedom to speak and think freely and share ideas with colleagues from different industry verticals.


At the Field Service News Symposium, multiple Think Tank groups will be running alongside each other, giving each of our members the opportunity to become part of the conversation, and at the end of the session the moderator of each group will give an executive summary of their group’s thoughts – so we can all take the learning from each of the discussions.

While the Think Tank sessions have always benefited from having an open approach to free-flowing conversation, where some of the best discussions are often those that occur when we go ‘off-piste’ a guideline agenda for each Tank Session is as follows:

Day One

Day Two

With a focus on discussion-based problem solving at the Field Service Symposium, our Industry AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) sessions are designed to allow you to tackle the issues you are facing head-on and seek the advice of those who are genuine subject matter experts and have hands on experience working with service organisations like yours to improve their service operations and overcome consistent challenges we face in our industry. 


Prior to the event all symposium members are provided with the opportunity to outline the burning issues they want to discuss and you will be grouped with peers who are also facing the same challenges maximising your time with our industry experts. 

We are currently working with this year’s selected industry experts to confirm the headline topics they will be speaking on and this will be finalised in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for further updates or if you are already registered to attend this year’s symposium make sure you are signed up to receive automatic notifications from your account page. 

On each day of the Field Service Symposium you will attend one of two Masterclass sessions. The purpose of these hour and a half long sessions is for you to work alongside your peers, while being guided by a subject matter expert to work through a three phased approach that will allow you to map out how you can establish a blueprint to take away with you that will give you the foundations to implement a critical project within your own service operation. 


Working in small groups of peers you will work through the process of: 


  • Identifying the current barriers to success your organisation faces
  • Outlining where your organisation would be in your ideal vision
  • Plotting the key steps your organisation needs to achieve this


We are currently working with this year’s Masterclass leaders to finalise their sessions and this will be finalised in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for further updates or if you are already registered to attend this year’s symposium make sure you are signed up to receive automatic notifications from your account page. 

Our Crowd Think sessions bring the wisdom of the symposium to a powerful conclusion each day. As with the Think Tank sessions we will be grouped into small discussion groups. However, while the purpose of Think Tank sessions is to facilitate open and free-flowing discussion and thinking, in the CrowdThink session each group is given the task of coming up with three key ideas within a particular subset of a problem.


Whilst your group is brainstorming ideas on your set problem, the other groups are each working on their own subset of the same broader challenge. Therefore at the end of the session, with each group reporting back as a collective we will have tackled multiple facets of one over-riding challenge we face as an industry.


This year we will be focusing on one problem on each day of the Symposium and the broader challenges we shall tackling are:

Day One

Day Two

Welcome to Edgbaston. An exceptional backdrop to exceptional discussions...

We believe that inspiring surroundings are the key to inspiring conversations and after overwhelmingly positive feedback from all Field Service News Live attendees last year we are proud to have extended our partnership with Edgbaston International Cricket Stadium for our 2022 event series. 

Getting to Edgbaston:

  • Take a train – Edgbaston is just two-miles from Birmingham New Street
  • It is only 80 minutes away from London by train
  • It is only a 20 minute drive to Birmingham International Airport
  • There are over 500 parking spaces on site
  • The excellent hotels of Birmingham City Centre are just 10 minutes away


Address: Edgbaston International Stadium, Edgbaston Rd, Birmingham B5 7QU


Your two day agenda of productive discussions...

Day One

Day Two

Alongside these exclusive sessions available for our symposium members, you will also have access to the Field Service Expo including one to one on stand demonstrations, our recruitment and development academy, and the solutions theatre which will have two days of rolling presentations and panel discussions!

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Symposium, Awards Reception & Expo

Complete access for both days
£ 995
  • Symposium access
  • Awards night access
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee and Drinks included
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