Think Tank Sessions: Defining Customer Success in Field Service

Is customer success the ultimate goal of field service companies around the world? Is the progress from customer satisfaction to customer success one of natural evolution if this is the case?


First, businesses need to work out how to define company success metrics. Once customer success is well understood, the more pertinent question is how to deliver this?


If the progress from satisfaction to success is one of natural evolution, does this means it comes easily, or does it require significant investment in time and money?


We have heard much discussion in our industry around the shift towards more advanced services and servitization. Similarly, discussions around customer success are widespread in executive rooms of companies of all sizes and from all industries – but are these two topics closely aligned? Is one the off-shoot of the other? Or is customer success merely a more fully fleshed out iteration of customer satisfaction and a separate discipline to servitization entirely?


There are many nuanced talking points within this complex discussion, many different viewpoints and equally compelling perspectives. In short, it is the perfect topic for discussion for the Field Service News Think Tank sessions, where we allow our members to push each others thinking as we work towards some common understandings.


In this iteration of the Field Service News Think Tank Sessions, we were joined by service leaders from across Europe and the US to give us their insights into all of these critical topics.


As always, the level of insight that came from allowing the group to speak freely behind closed doors was exceptional. In this Executive Briefing report, we have tried to distil some of that excellent conversation into a series of salient takeaways to share with the broader industry.


We are sure there will be food for thought for all service leaders reading this report.

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