Understand the essential challenges of servitization: FREE Video

Understand the essential challenges of servitization: FREE Video

Servitization has been a major area of discussion within our industry for many years, but as we recover from the pandemic and enter the new normal, is servitization more important than ever?


Or did the massive disruption we saw across recent years expose the dangers of outcome-based service models?


Having published the initial findings of an FSN Research study based on responses from over 190 field service leaders to find out more, we now dive deeper into what these trends mean for the field service sector.  

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Watch this powerful discussion with four exceptional thought-leaders of the field service industry...

Picture of Daniel Snowdon

Daniel Snowdon

Daniel is Solutions Director with HSO. His expertise lies in an array of disciplines including, strategic business Consulting, Professional Services, and leadership. He also has an extensive knowledge of what best-in-class looks like amongst field service organisations and has worked with many companies to help them reshape their service portfolios harnessing the digital transformation opportunities available today.

Picture of Johan van Rooyen

Johan van Rooyen

Johan is an experienced entrepreneurial business development professional with a passion for service excellence, knowledge of sales processes, demonstrating solid analytical and team management skills. Over the last ten years he has gained extensive sales specific experience in the information technology industry, working with technically complex electronic components and EDA software, Enterprise Mobility, IT Automation and Workforce Management Solutions.

Picture of Michael Hammons

Michael Hammons

Michael's career started in Life Sciences with sales & marketing roles at Boehringer Mannheim, Roche and AVL Medical Instruments. It was during this time he was introduced to the world of customer relationship management. It was the early stages of the industry we know today, in fact it was called simply contact management and sales force automation at the time. Michael was part of the selection team at Roche as well as one of the users of our selected system. It is that early experience that shined the light on how the power of technology can transform an organization. This early success solidified his focus on what has now become an $18 Billion a year industry.

Picture of Kris Oldland

Kris Oldland

Kris Oldland is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Field Service News. He is widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading authors and speakers on a number of critical areas of field service management including servitization, remote service strategy and developing leadership within field service organisations.

Are you a field service management professional seeking to better understand the move to servitization? 

These three highly-respected industry leaders spend 50-minutes discussing the latest exclusive FSN Research on servitization in which  190+ service organisations provided their input in the first of two exclusive debrief sessions. 


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