Empower Your Field Service Team To Unlock Revenue Generation​

Empower Your Field Service Team To Unlock Revenue Generation

Should our field service engineers and technicians sell? It is a debate that has been held within the field service sector for many, many years.


On the one hand they are perfectly placed to do so. In today’s digital world they have perhaps more direct face to face interaction with the customers than anyone else in your organisation, they have deep subject matter knowledge and as such are seen by your customers as trusted advisors.


On the other however, as soon as the customer feels they are being sold to that trusted advisor status is broken. Besides, many engineer and technicians aren’t comfortable selling, it’s not what they signed up for.


However, what if generating revenue from the field wasn’t a sales activity, but was in fact a service activity? Something that brings additional value to the customer, that sits well with the problem solving mindset of our technicians and engineers and can supercharge your revenue stream from the field?


This course maps out exactly how you can achieve just that.

This exclusive FSN Masterclass is designed to not only provide you with rich insights into how you can empower your field service team to generate revenue but also how to show them that doing so is not selling, but delivering great service.

Additionally, the Masterclass  guides you through the process of developing a blueprint of your own to take your learning from theory to real-world project!

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Supercharge Your Field Service Revenue Generation With This Masterclass Today

After taking this course you will be able to: 

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A course based on Jim Baston's extensive experience

Jim Baston, BBA Consulting

Jim Baston, BBA Consulting

Jim Baston is President of BBA Consulting Group Inc., a consulting and training firm dedicated to helping technical service firms transform field service personnel into enthusiastic promoters of their company’s products and services.

He has worked with thousands of field service professionals and their management across a broad range of industries and is the author of Beyond GREAT SERVICE, a book about the role that the field service professional can play in proactive business growth.

Jim has also written a companion book that provides a step-by-step approach for service managers to successfully develop a proactive approach through their field teams

He engages with service leaders, their teams and organisations, to develop actions that deliver results: Evolving their Leadership, Trusted advisor and Value-driven mindsets that know how to turn data into intelligence into profitable services.

Are you a field service management professional trying to understand how you can empower your field technicians to supercharge their revenue generation activities? 

This unique FSN Masterclass, walks you through the process Jim has developed when helping numerous high-profile service organisations to drive major growth on the service P&L and can help you unlock huge service revenue-based profits. Join FSN PRO today for just £45/month and get instant access.