Are you the service superhero your organisation needs...

All of our FSN PRO members answer yes to each of the questions above. How about you? 

FSN PRO members gain instant access to the world's most in-depth resource library for field service professionals

Do you find when starting to develop a new service initiative there is never enough time in the day to research great ideas and see how others have tackled the same problem or opportunity? 


Would you like to be able to access a library with over 130 helpful resources including White Papers, Research Briefings and in-depth interviews with some of our industries brights thinkers who have gone through the same process you are about to undertake?


The FSN PRO library has been carefully curated into key categories based on hundreds of behind the scenes discussions with service leaders just like you to make the content relevant and easy to find. Plus if the topic you are looking isn’t covered yet, let us know and we’ll research it and build the resource – because if it is useful for you, it will likely be useful for your fellow FSN PRO members.


Question: How much time could you save yourself and your business if you had access to the this library and didn’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel every-time you innovate? 

70+ hours of in-depth interviews with the industry's best thinkers...

Have you found that hearing the perspective of other service leaders form different industries can often help you reframe your own challenges?


How often do you get to hear from world leading academics that are focused on your field of industry?


What can you learn from a potential solution provider to your business by the way their CEO speaks about working with companies like yours? 


Most importantly, do you find the typical business presentations we see are only ever scratching the surface and the more meaningful discussions are more relaxed, less structured and allow the time for the valuable insights to come to the fore naturally? 


This is exactly the type of long-form discussion we host regularly in our Digital Symposium and as an FSN PRO member you will be able to access all of the excellent interviews currently in the library instantly and have the option to watch online in a showcase player or download for offline viewing (perfect for that long business trip)


To help our FSN PRO members identify the content they want to watch we also provide short trailers that give a synopsis of the interview in under two minutes – a selection of which you can find on the left. 


Question: If you watched only one-hour long interview a week and took just one good idea that could drive a 1% improvement in your service operation, how big could that improvement be if compounded over a year? 

FSN PRO + members also get exclusive access to FSN Education as well

For those who want to take their role as a service leader even further we have introduced an additional tier of membership, FSN PRO + which includes access to the FSN Masterclass series. 


Have you ever considered how to drive more revenue from the field without a) upsetting your engineers and b) alienating your customers?


Jim Baston has. In fact he’s helped a number of companies to do just that – and even written. a book about it. Wouldn’t it be great to take a course where Jim can walk you through that exact process while you build your own framework document to start a real-world project? Maybe even get a one to one call at the end to outline your next action points? 


Have you ever struggled to really define where your customers see the value in your service? Not just the obvious stuff, but the important aspects that sit below the waterline – where the real money is and where you can build deep relationships that lead to much longer service contracts?


Nick Frank has. He’s helped many service organisations establish that value and drive BIG growth on their service P&L and just like Jim he has built a masterclass course waiting for you when you sign up as an FSN PRO + member.


Question: What would building an initiative that could potentially add six-figure revenue mean for your career as a service professional? 

Every month we run a selection of online discussion groups for FSN PRO + members

Do you find that speaking to service leaders outside of your organisation is really useful but opportunities to do so either result in a sales pitch, a presentation you could have just downloaded or take up too much time from your day to day role? 


Would you find it useful to have a few options each month for online sessions to join that are short enough to fit into the diary which are completely no-pitching zones and powerpoint is banned? 


As an FSN PRO+ member each month you can access a number of sessions that fit exactly this bill where good discussion is the focus. We let you know each quarter what is coming up and if the time and topic fit you just confirm your place over email and get the session added to calendar. 


Question: How much more effective could you be if you were able to brainstorm your existing challenges with a group of service colleagues in real-time?

FSN PRO + members can join us at the Field Service Symposium live event for free

While it is great to be able to fit short online sessions in for continuous learning and exploring ideas with other service leaders, when it comes to clear blue sky thinking taking yourself into a new environment really cannot be replaced. 


While the time out of the office can feel something like a guilty pleasure for many service leaders, the truth is that two days of immersive in-person discussions with a group of fellow service leaders can generate months of great ideas that can really drive your service business forward. 


This is why we have now included a free pass to the Field Service Symposium for all FSN PRO + members allowing you to take the discussions you’ve had with our community online into the real-world in a relaxed yet highly productive environment. 


Question: Have you ever noiticed that your best ideas for driving improvement in the service business usually come when your not in the office? 


FSN PRO + officially launches in January 2023. Until then all annual subscriptions to FSN PRO will be automatically upgraded to FSN PRO + for the entirety of your active subscription. This includes subscriptions that automatically renew meaning for a limited time you can secure full FSN PRO + for just £450/year forever!
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Sign up for FSN PRO for just £45 a month or take our best value annual membership for only £450 a year and receive a free upgrade to FSN PRO + for as long as your membership remains active!
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£45 / month
  • Weekly digest of key news and analysis
  • 130+ resources in FSN PRO Library
  • 70 + hours of in-depth interviews
  • Clear categories for easy browsing
  • New content added every month
  • Request new resource creations
  • 2 months free when booked annually
  • Access to all FSN Education content
  • Multiple discussion groups each month
  • Guest pass for Field Service Symposium


£150 / month
  • Weekly digest of key news and analysis
  • 130+ resources in FSN PRO Library
  • 70 + hours of in-depth interviews
  • Clear categories for easy browsing
  • New content added every month
  • Request new resource creations
  • 2 months free when booked annually
  • Access to all FSN Education content
  • Multiple discussion groups each month
  • Guest pass for Field Service Symposium
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