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Servitization in a post pandemic world

In the first feature from a recent FSN Research paper, published in partnership with HSO, we look at the role of servitization in the post-pandemic world.

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Field Service Costs Rose Sharply in 2022 Despite Overall Service Improvements

On average, bottom-performers of service organizations cost 67% more than top-performers, indicating that the skills gap is a major factor in rising costs – in addition to inflation.

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Do we want our most experienced technicians in the field or remote service specialists?

Martin McLean draws on his experience as a technician both in the field and now as a remote service specialist to reflect on a critical question – where do we place our most experienced technicians?

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5 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency in a Recession

Aquant shares 5 ways tech can improve their organization’s efficiency during a recession. Download the e-book, available at Field Service News

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Unhappy Field Techs? The Right Tools Will Improve Their Satisfaction and Your Aftermarket Profitability

Sarang Sambare, Senior Director of Industry Solutions at Syncron, shares some tips to keep field service technicians happy and engaged and improve your aftermarket profitability.

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Investing in the Right Tech Can Reduce the Impact of an Economic Downturn

Track KPIs differently. Get deeper insights into every aspect of your service business in Aquant’s latest report ‘5 KPIs Service Leaders need to Measure in 2022’

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BT pushes ahead with new sustainable digital solutions through its Green Tech Innovation Platform

BT enters phase two of its Green Tech Innovation Platform programme to uncover new tech that could...

Siemens welcomes OverIT to its grid software ecosystem of partners

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has partnered with OverIT, the global leader in field service...

IFS helps deliver at the Moment of Service this Christmas

IFS reveals the biggest brand win in history, as they are announced as the official Field Service...

FLS – Fast Lean Smart UK welcomes German Ambassador

FAST LEAN SMART UK welcomed The German Ambassador, Miguel Berger for a visit to its Northern Office...

Customer service executives prioritize processes, data and breaking down silos

OTRS Group survey finds connecting with customers on the channels they prefer poses biggest...

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