What You Will Achieve in this Course

Welcome to this Field Service News Service Leaders Course ‘Communication Strategies for Project Managers’ curated for Field Service News by Kris Oldland.

Course Description:

Imagine managing a project without speaking to your teammates. How successful would you be? You’d soon discover that communication is key to collaboration. Without it, teams miss deadlines, fumble information, and fail to present a quality product.

In this course, you’ll explore strategies project managers use to improve communication. These range from individual methods to team-wide efforts that will elevate your team’s ability to share information. By the final lesson, you’ll be ready to develop effective communication plans for your projects.

In this course we cover: 

  • Why Communication Is Important in Project Management
  • How Project Managers Communicate Successfully
  • Choosing Your Communication Methods and Tools
  • Putting Together a Communication Plan
  • Organizing and Leading Effective Project Meetings