What You Will Achieve in this Course

Welcome to this Field Service News Service Leaders Course ‘Change Management Models: Understanding the Basics’ curated for Field Service News by Kris Oldland.

Course Description:

From new software and new leadership to restructuring and scaling—companies frequently operate in a state of flux. But how do you manage that flux? Answering that question correctly is critical to your organization’s success. 

Thankfully, change management models simplify the process. They help companies prepare for, implement, and sustain changes. And, in this course, you’ll learn how. First, we’ll uncover what change management is and why a model can streamline your success. Then, we’ll explore the basics of five foundational models and how they work.

In this course we cover: 

  • What Is Change Management?
  • What Is a Change Management Model?
  • The McKinsey 7-S Model
  • Lewin’s 3-Step Model
  • Kotter’s 8-Step Model
  • The Kübler-Ross Model
  • The Satir Model