Uncovering the Hidden Depths of Field Service Customer Value

Uncovering the Hidden Depths of Field Service Customer Value

Nick Frank, Managing Partner, Si2 Partners, gives us an overview of his Masterclass “The Customer Value Iceberg” available exclusively on Field Service News for FSN PRO members.


Do you struggle to articulate the full value of your service offering to some customers? Do you truly know where your customers see hold the value perception of your services? 


If so, don’t worry you are not alone. In fact, research has shown that one of the greatest challenges that service organisations face is articulating their value proposition effectively to their customers.


That is because, like an iceberg often much of the value of a service offering lies hidden beneath the waterline. 

This exclusive FSN Masterclass is designed to not only provide you with rich insights into how you can better understand where your customer value proposition and how by aligning your service offering with this can unlock longer-term and more profitable service engagements, but actually guides you through the process of developing a blueprint of your own to take your learning from theory to real-world project. 

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Essential Customer Value Education for Field Service Management Leaders

After taking this course you will be able to: 

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A course based on Nick Frank's extensive experience

Picture of Nick Frank, Si2 Partners

Nick Frank, Si2 Partners

Since 2010 Nick Frank has worked as an independent consultant, inspiring industrial businesses to find their pathways to service growth. Additionally, Nick blends extensive service know-how with facilitation skills to act as a catalyst for organizational growth.

He engages with service leaders, their teams and organisations, to develop actions that deliver results: Evolving their Leadership, Trusted advisor and Value-driven mindsets that know how to turn data into intelligence into profitable services.

Nick has more than 30 years of international leadership experience with premium brands such as Xerox, Textron and Husky. Currently, he is a joint MD at Si2GmbH.

You can connect directly with Nick on LinkedIn here. Once you are enrolled in the course you will also be able to contact him via email for support and upon completion of the course you will be able to schedule a 30 minute call with Nick to help define next steps. 

Are you a field service management professional trying to understand how to better understand where your customers see value? 

This unique FSN Masterclass, works through a series of great case studies that help you better understand the Customer Value Iceberg model and can help you unlock huge service revenue-based profits. Join FSN PRO today for just £45/month and get instant access.