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Time to take the course…

Are you ready to begin building your own blueprint to overcoming the workforce shortage crisis by leveraging AI?  Good then let’s begin…


Before you begin the course, please make sure that you have downloaded the workbook associated with this Field Service News Masterclass course. As you make your way through the course there will be moments where you will be asked to take a moment to complete the relevant sections of the workbook. 


In our Masterclass courses, these questions are not there to test what you have learnt so far in the course, but instead to give you the opportunity to reflect on how the topics we are discussing can be applied within your own organisation in a real world project. Therefore, as you make your way through the course you workbook will grow to become the foundation of your blueprint for bringing the project to the real-world. 


At the end of the course you will then gain access to one final page which will allow you to upload your workbook and arrange a call with your course leader who can give you practical advice on your next steps based on the observations you have made in your workbook. 


You will be able to find a link to download the workbook in the materials tab at the top of your course pages and this is also where you can find your course-leader’s email address – you are welcome to contact your instructor with any question as you make your way through the course as well as when you complete the course and submit the workbook. 


Once you have your workbook downloaded, you are ready to hit the launch course button which will open the course in a new tab in your browser.


The course will take approximately four hours to complete (including time to complete the workbook sections) and you are able to exit the course at any point using the exit course link in the top right corner and when you return later you will automatically be taken to the last lesson you completed. 


Good luck and we’ll see you for  the final completion page which will become available once you have completed the course which will allow you to download you course completion certificate, upload your workbook and complete the brief course completion survey. 

Course Links: 


Download the course workbook

Email your course leader, Tim Burge, Aquant

Complete feedback survey


Further learning:


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Read: Think Tank Sessions: Executive Briefing – Digitalization and Disruption

Watch: Video Report: Augmented Reality in Field Service: Demo & Presentation

Watch: The Pandemic has accelerated digital adoption – what’s next? Ft. Martin Summerhayes

Watch: Patrick Jansen, VBR Turbines on Data, Disruption, Turbines and People

Read: Research Report: Changing Face Of Field Service Engineer (2018)

Watch: A Capacity Crisis is Looming. Is the Blended Workforce the Answer. Ft. Steve Zannos, Electrolux


The above resources which can help you with this course is available as part of the FSN PRO library.

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