Research Report: Changing Face Of Field Service Engineer (2018)

Our industry is rapidly evolving. Technology is continuously pushing the boundaries of field service efficiency whilst simultaneously customer expectations are becoming ever more demanding.


Companies like Uber and Amazon have disrupted the very concepts of what good service looks like, shifting the goalposts and creating a race across almost every industry vertical for companies to embrace service excellence. At the same time, digital transformation is the other major trend sweeping across our sector – one direct side effect of which is that increasingly the Field Service Engineer is often the only face to face human interaction between a company and their customers.


So what does this mean for the Field Service Engineer of tomorrow? Across a period of two months we teamed up with ServiceMax and reached out to our readers across the globe to gain their insight in order to build a picture of what the Field Service Engineer of 2022 (incredibly only five years away) will look like and explore what role the growing importance of technology in field service delivery will play in shaping the way we approach acquiring, training, and developing talent within the field service sector.


The research has been conduct via an online survey and our respondents have come from all over the globe including; the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, USA, Canada, Brazil and beyond. There was also an equally wide split of industries represented with respondents coming from numerous sectors including; Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities, Telcos, Print/Copy, Med Tech and many others. Finally, there was also a balanced representation of companies of all sizes with some companies having less than 10 field service engineers right through to companies with more than 800 engineers.


In total there were 126 respondents management professionals.


So what did the research reveal? Read the report to find out. 

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