#FSN20: Ged Cranny - Moving to remote first by default

The #FSN20 is Field Service News’ annual celebration of excellence, innovation and leadership within the global field service sector. One of this year’s members is Senior Consultant, BEU, Konica Minolta.


Prior to taking his role in the central European team helping to shape the service vision of the future for Konica Minolta, Cranny had a long and succesful career with the company culminating with his leadership of the UK field service operations.


In that time Cranny was at the spearhead of understanding the significant changes that were coming not just to the print industry, but to field service at large. He was also a huge and earlier advocate of understanding just how important data would be in our industry moving forwards.


Now in his more strategic role with Konica Minolta, he has been a central advisor to a number of important developments the company has undertaken including their embrace of a remote-service-first as a default approach to service delivery.


As part of our coverage of the #FSN20 Cranny joined Chris Hird on the Field Service News Digital Symposium and as always the long-form format of the conversation allowed space for us to drill into some of the key experiences and insights Cranny had to offer in a frank, open and honest discussion that all field service leaders will take something from.


Some of the key talking points from that discussion include:


  • The drivers behind moving to a remote-by-default approach to service
  • Is there still some client push back when it comes to remote service?
  • Why remote-service as a default must be outlined at the pre contract stage
  • How the pandemic accelerated adoption but was not the primary driver
  • At the heart of digital transformation, the true benefit is communication
  • How do our older engineers adapt to a new age of digital transformation?

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#FSN20 is an annual celebration of excellence, innovation and leadership shaping the global field service sector. This content is proudly sponsored by Salesforce.

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