Course Homepage: Overcoming the workforce shortage crisis with Artificial Intelligence

Overcoming the workforce shortage crisis with Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to this Field Service News Masterclass Course overcoming the workforce shortage crisis with Artificial Intelligence, featuring Tim Burge, Aquant…


As with all Field Service News Masterclass courses, this course is designed to give you the working tools to establish and implement a project within your own organisation so we strongly advise you to download the workbook (link at the bottom of the page) and to make complete the tasks as you progress through the course. 


Upon completion of the course, our subject matter expert for this course Tim Burge, Strategic Consulting Director, Aquant is available to give you a free 30-minute consultation to go through your workbook with you and help outline a series of actions points to help you develop a strategy to implement a plan within your own business to help generate additional revenue through your field service team. 


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You will also find some other related material from the FSN PRO library that you may find useful additional resources for this course. 

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