Share Amazing Content. Make Money. Pretty Awesome huh?

Field Service News has for a decade been the leading voice for the global field service sector. Our content has consistently been ahead of the game and now with the introduction of FSN PRO, FSN PRO+ and FSN Teams we offer an incredible set of learning tools to help field service management professionals become exceptional leader.

If you’re a field service leader, or work with field service leaders it’s the kind of content you would want to share. Indeed, many of you already do.

In fact, so many of you do, that we decided to reward those that do with a very generous referral scheme and you are welcome to sign up using the form below.

So how generous is generous?

In one word? Very.

For all affiliates we offer 50% of the first payment on any referral that comes from your efforts and then we offer 25% on any future payments from that referral for the entire time their account is active – no limits, as long as their account remains active with a paid for subscription, you get paid.

Whats more those commissions apply to any paid for FSN product. Whether it be a monthly FSN PRO subscription @ £45/month or an FSN Teams Expanded Membership @ £9,495.00 a year!

The only restriction is you cannot refer yourself or your own company.

OK, this is actually does sound kinda awesome, what do I have to do?

First things first you need to do is sign up below on the form below.

After that you will be able to access our dedicated affiliate portal. Here you will find a couple fo super easy ways to spread the word about our great content.


Firstly, you can simply keep the affiliate portal open in a tab in your browser, and if and when you see an article that you think your network would find interesting just copy the URL and put it into the Referral URL generator and share wherever you like – email, socials, your blog – wherever you think will work best.

Any user that arrives on FSN from your link will be tracked as your referral for the next 30 days. If they like what they see and choose to opt for a paid account you will receive a commission.

You will find a tutorial on how to do this in your hub portal under the affiliates section.

Bit more proactive:

In the affiliates portal you will also find a series of active campaigns and creative assets for you to promote them including, teaser trailers, gifs and social media quotes. The URL for each of these will go to a dedicated landing page for that asset, meaning a higher chance of conversion.

Again, you will find a tutorial on how to do this in your hub portal under the affiliates section.

Really go for it:

Some of you in our affiliate scheme, may want to connect your contacts in the field service management world with our groundbreaking Knowledge Hub Framework which is included in FSN Teams.

That makes sense. You would be introducing your contacts to what is a genuine game-changer that will help them drive consistent improvements in their leadership teams industry knowledge and drive incremental gains through a structure that leverages multiple established learning techniques – yet takes less than two hours a month out of their working day. Introducing your contacts to something that this, basically makes you a hero.

And let’s be honest, it’s also where the really big bucks are in terms of commissions.

So if a more direct approach is something you would be interested in, mention this in the ‘how will you promote us’ section of the form below and one of our team will be in touch to go through an onboarding session with you so you can fully understand the breadth of our FSN Teams offering as well as how to process offline referrals.

Sounds good, yes? Fill out the form below to register your affiliate account today..

Note: Before registering for an affiliate account you will need some layer of FSN membership. If you do not currently have an FSN Membership you can register for FSN FREE quickly here.

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