European Field Service Technology Innovation of the Year 2022​

European Field Service Technology Innovation of the Year 2022​

Increasingly our sector is one that is becoming more and more intertwined with technology. Effective field service operations almost always leverage technology in multiple ways… 


In the last few years we have seen a raft of exciting and innovative technologies move from the fringe of our industry towards making their way to becoming prevalent tools within the field service operations tool bag. 


Perhaps never before has there been such a rising tide of sea-change in terms of the technology at our disposal and the sheer power of transformation it can bring. yet, we are also deeply fortunate as an industry in that there is a rich depth of technology solution providers who are not only capable of developing and refining such technologies but also have a deep knowledge of our industry so can bring us technological solutions instead of simply technology for its own sake. 


With this in mind some of the factors we will consider amongst the nominations for the Technology Innovation of the Year awards include: 


  • The development of ground-breaking new technologies that can be applied to field service operations
  • The refinement of emerging technologies to bring them from exciting potential to next big thing
  • The layering of multiple technologies to provide a holistic solution that overcomes a major challenge
  • Technology that solves a clear problem that many in our industry face


These are just a handful of ideas to get you started so remember your nomination is not limited to or restricted to the list above.


All nominations for your field service pioneers should be based on clear and specific reasons why you think your nomination stands out as an example of excellent leadership within the field service sector. 


Please enter your nomination in the form below and use the button within the form to upload any necessary supporting material for your nomination.


Submissions will close on the 29th July and the short-list will be announced mid August.


Attendance to the drinks reception for the European Field Service Awards is available for all those who are attending the Field Service Expo on the 5th October, held at Edgbaston International Cricket Stadium. Use the button below to secure your place.



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