Aligning Remote Service With the Wider Service Portfolio

As a result of the pandemic remote service moved rapidly from being a futuristic approach used by leading edge service companies to becoming mainstream. However, now in this post-pandemic world many field service organisations are struggling with the strategic alignment of remote service with the wider service portfolio… 

Course Description:


We have seen since the pandemic a huge upswing in remote service capabilities, indeed while only a few short years ago remote service was a futuristic approach only being used by bleeding-edge companies, now almost all field service companies have introduced some layer of remote support. 


Therefore, in this Masterclass we are not going to be looking at the how or the why of remote service as a standalone. There is already a rich library for FSN PRO members available that covers each aspect of remote service from device selection to implementation in great detail. 


The remote service discussion has by now been covered significantly and the reality is that post-pandemic, the majority of service companies already have remote service capabilities in one form. However, what is proving to be a challenge for a significant percentage of those companies is how they integrate these new capabilities into their wider service portfolio. 


That is what we will be tackling here in this exclusive FSN Education Masterclass. 

As an FSN Masterclass course you can expect...

Picture of Course Expert: Mark Brewer, IFS

Course Expert: Mark Brewer, IFS

Helping to guide you in this Masterclass is Mark Brewer, VP Service Industries, IFS. Mark has extensive knowledge in this area in a long and successful career specialising in advanced field service solutions.


In his role with IFS he is actively working with a number of high profile and complex service organisations to make better understand their own strategic approach to aligning remote service into the wider service portfolio and as we move through each stage of the course we Mark will be on hand to share his excellent insights. 

This course includes:

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