Crisis Management

Crisis can happen to anby business at any time and when it hits all business leaders including the field service management leadership will be called on to step outside of their comfort zone to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. This course will give you somepreparation for dealing with crisis should it ever come. 

Course Description:


The phone rings. An explosion has ripped through one of your manufacturing plants. Two people have been killed, and a dozen others are injured. The media have picked up the story, and reporters are already on site. 


So, what do you do? How do you respond? How will you move to minimize the damage and take control of the situation? How do you lead others through a crisis—and land on your feet?


This course will help. You’ll learn to prepare for, and potentially prevent, crises before they occur. And, if disaster does strike, you’ll get tools to help you respond and recover.


In this course we cover: 


  • An Introduction to Crisis Management
  • Types of Business Crises
  • Preventing and Preparing for a Crisis
  • Responding to a Crisis
  • Recovering After a Crisis

As an FSN Service Leadership course you can expect...

Picture of Your Course Leader: Kris Oldland

Your Course Leader: Kris Oldland

In his role as Editor-in-Chief, Kris speaks to senior service leaders, leading industry focused academics and key solution providers every day and distills the insights he gleans from these discussions into the industry-leading content available on Field Service News.


Prior to his career in publishing Kris was a Quality Service Manager for one of the world’s most iconic hospitality brands and has also developed extensive knowledge in sales, marketing and management across an impressive and varied career working across multiple sectors alongside some of the world’s leading organisations.


This course includes:

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