A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Team Conflict

Internal conflict in your team can prove to be the most challenging area for any field service manager to handle. Being the mediator is an uncomfortable position for many of us to hold, but with a better understanding of conflict resolution you can be an effective mediator returning balance to your team. This course will tell you how. 

Course Description:


You’d love for your employees to always get along. But the reality is that disagreements happen when you bring together people with different personalities, opinions, and values. As a manager, you need to keep an eye on potential conflicts between employees and help them resolve issues effectively. Otherwise, your team’s morale, productivity, and communication may take a hit.


In this course, you’ll learn why conflict happens, common ways people react to conflict, and how to turn workplace disagreements into opportunities for constructive dialogue, change, and new understanding.


In this course we cover: 


  • Rethinking the Role of Conflict at Work
  • Understanding Why Conflict Happens
  • Assess Your Approach
  • Approach #1: Avoid
  • Approach #2: Appease
  • Approach #3: Compete
  • Approach #4: Bargain
  • Approach #5: Collaborate
  • Steps to Mediating Conflict Between Employees
  • What to Do When Conflict Turns Into Abuse
  • How to Respond to an Angry Employee

As an FSN Service Leadership course you can expect...

Picture of Your Course Leader: Kris Oldland

Your Course Leader: Kris Oldland

In his role as Editor-in-Chief, Kris speaks to senior service leaders, leading industry focused academics and key solution providers every day and distills the insights he gleans from these discussions into the industry-leading content available on Field Service News.


Prior to his career in publishing Kris was a Quality Service Manager for one of the world’s most iconic hospitality brands and has also developed extensive knowledge in sales, marketing and management across an impressive and varied career working across multiple sectors alongside some of the world’s leading organisations.


This course includes:

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