Overcoming the workforce shortage crisis with Artificial Intelligence

The workforce shortage crisis is set to hurt companies of all sizes, in all verticals in the field service sector. However you can overcome these challenges through the use of tools such as AI…

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We have been discussing a potential ageing workforce crisis for a long time now in our industry.

However, like many challenges, the pandemic has brought this issue firmly to the fore, and many field service organisations are genuinely facing a crisis. As Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News wrote in a recent article, ‘where are all the engineers gone?’


While there are some promising success stories, the realisation is that many service organisations will face the challenge of achieving more with less. In some cases, potentially far less, an issue that will only become more pressing as time passes.

However, at the same time, we have seen field technician and engineer resources become scarce; we have also seen Artificial Intelligence evolve into a mature technology that plays an increasingly important role in field service operations. Can we leverage AI effectively enough and quickly enough to allow us to negate the impact of workforce shortages?


As you work your way through this Masterclass you will be working towards building your own framework to build a blueprint unique to your organisation that you can utilise to implement a project that will yield real-world impacts for your service organisation. 

As an FSN Masterclass course you can expect...

Picture of Course Expert: Tim Burge, Aquant

Course Expert: Tim Burge, Aquant

For over 15 years, Tim has been helping people solve real-world business problems through the use of advanced data technologies.


Focusing on bridging the gap between business and technology and helping organizations become more data driven, Tim has worked in both the technology and agency worlds.


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