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Project Management Scheduling

Project Management Scheduling

Welcome to this Field Service News Service Leaders Course ‘Project Management Scheduling’ curated by Kris Oldland…


As with all Field Service News Service Leadership courses, this course is designed to help you develop in your career as a field service leader, often filling in the gaps in management training that can get overlooked in exceptionally busy world of service management.


Field Service News Service Leadership courses are designed understanding that in mission critical operational environment of field service operations often time is our most precious and scarce resource. 


With this in mind, these courses are designed to give you the information you need as a service leader in an easily digestible format that allow you to build a better understanding of the topic quickly and effortlessly, building your knowledge in an iterative approach – and they allow you to progress on your on schedule. 

Course structure:


There are three lesson tabs that allow you to easily navigate through the sections of this course.

Progressing through the course:


Progression through the course is linear so you will need to complete each component of a lesson before you can access the next one.


The main course will open in a seperate tab in your browser and again follows a linear progression. However, your progress throughout the course is automatically saved so you are able to exit the course at any point and return at a later time picking up exactly where you left off. 


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