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Understanding your profit and loss statement

Welcome to this Field Service News Service Leaders Course ‘Understanding your profit and loss statement’ developed by Steve Cummins and Dave Hart…


As with all Field Service News Service Leadership courses, this  courses is designed to help you develop in your career as a field service leader, often filling in the gaps in management training that can get overlooked in exceptionally busy world of service management.


Field Service News Service Leadership courses are designed understanding that in mission critical operational environment of field service operations often time is our most precious and scarce resource.


With this in mind, these courses are designed to give you the information you need as a service leader in an easily digestible format that allow you to build a better understanding of the topic quickly and effortlessly, building your knowledge in an iterative approach – and they allow you to progress on your on schedule. 


Throughout the course you are welcome to connect with your course leader with any question that you may have and they will be on hand to answer your questions and clarify any areas that you are uncertain in. 


Upon completion of the course you will be able to access a certificate showing you have taken this course which will be available on the course home page (this page). To return to this page at any point use the link ‘return to course’ at the bottom of each course page.  


Course structure:


There are three tabs below that allow you to easily navigate through the sections of this course. 

Course links:


On each page of the course you will find a link to your course leader’s email. Remember you are welcome to connect with them both throughout the course should you have any questions while you are working your way through the material. 


Also listed in the course links is a feedback survey. Upon completion of the course please do help us to help the industry by taking the brief feedback survey. 


On the final page of the course you will also find additional links to other resources that you may wish to consider to continue your development in this area. 

Course modules:

Use the tabs below to work through the course. You will need to work through each. Once you complete each module the next will become available to open. 

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