AI Offers a Better Way

In this third and final excerpt from a recent white paper published by Aquant, we look at the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence opens to make accurate decisions based on concrete data.


Business leaders are leaning into data-centric decision making as a way to move beyond simply tracking KPIs and determine if their services are actually providing customers with value. With the help of smart tools, you can depend less on instincts and theories, and use methods backed by actual insights to propel your business forward.


How do you know if you need a better way to analyze your business’ big picture? Start by taking a look at the way you currently measure customer value.



If you currently lack the insight to draw specific conclusions, it’s time to dig deeper into your data.


To understand the root causes of issues, it’s essential to have the ability to look deeply into metrics — which is where AI becomes a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.


As AI absorbs and analyzes your data, it can provide predictive analytics that help you understand your customers’ behavior. AI provides deep insights and steers the decision-making process, becoming a mighty ally in the quest to maximize customer satisfaction and improve operations.


Ask Yourself:


  • How often does my organization receive customer feedback?
  • If a customer churned tomorrow, would we know why?
  • How do we currently prevent service disasters before they happen?
  • Does our company leverage tech to gain immediate customer feedback on services?
  • Are we using data to analyze the way our customers consume products?
  • Informed Decisions Lead to More Certain Outcomes


At its finest, AI opens new possibilities, giving you the power to make accurate decisions based on concrete data — not hypotheticals. It goes beyond showing you today’s metrics, guiding you and helping you understand all data relative to your goal. Seasoned business leaders know that while metrics may “unexpectedly” dip or miss the mark, there’s always a reason as to why. Instead of panicking, making assumptions, or instating ineffective countermeasures, it is far more accurate to look at the bigger picture to determine how you arrived at the final outcome.


With AI-powered insights, you become the driver and you control the truthful narrative. It’s time to get ahead of NPS, which offer an incomplete look at your business. If you want to strengthen your customer relationships and get an accurate measure of customer satisfaction, AI can help.


Be proactive instead of reactive. For instance, if your AI tool indicates a few less-than-ideal service moments, you can initiate communication with your customers instead of waiting for feedback to come your way. You can also proactively address customer dissatisfaction before waiting anxiously for the inevitable heated phone call, and you can take the opportunity to tell them what actions you’re taking to rectify the issues. On the other side of the coin, if you notice that your service performance is stellar, you can use that occasion to remind your customers why you’re the choice provider, which may even lead to some awesome upselling opportunities.


Clients and potential customers value transparency more than ever, and AI can bolster your ability to communicate. They will start seeing you as a trusted partner in business — a leader that’s fully vested in their success.




With Aquant’s Service Insights, organizations go beyond visualization and enter the realm of action. Unlike traditional BI tools, our products empower teams to solve their business problems by helping them to quickly analyze disparate data and get clear directions on what to do next.


Actionable feedback shows you what information is most relevant and helps direct you to make the right calls for your business. You can easily identify at-risk customers and address your service issues in real time — without the need for an on-site team of data scientists.


Backed by data from more than five million service tickets from manufacturers and service providers, Service Insights generates trends, industry benchmarks, and predictions that fit the context of your business.


You can also tap into hidden data to make more holistic decisions, and share insights and overviews that identify key statistics and important trends.


The best decisions are made with a 360-degree view, and traditional reporting is no longer enough. The decision to adopt AI is a big one, but it’s a tool that can change the trajectory of your business.



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