Benchmark Report: 2022 Service Intelligence Report

Aquant, has recently published the 2022 Service Intelligence Benchmark Report, now available at Field Service News, which offers an in-depth analysis of field service performance and customer satisfaction in a year of talent shortage, COVID service pivots, and shifting customer demands.


In this comprehensive data report, Aquant analyzed how service organizations and their workforce measureD up against industry benchmarks. We also explored service performance from a customer perspective. 


Aquant analyzed more than six million service tickets to reveal:


  • A snapshot of the overall industry and how companies measure up against each other
  • The reason why hitting your KPIs rarely equates to outstanding customer experiences
  • The spiraling impact of a missed First Time Fix (FTF) event
  • An increase in the workforce skills gap
  • COVID-19’s impact on service 


In the report, Aquant provides recommendations to:


  • Make immediate business improvements by looking at service in a comprehensive way
  • Boost the customer experience in the short-term and long-term
  • Upskill a team in the face of a talent shortage
  • Succeed amid post-Covid service disruptions
This excellent report will be available to all subscribers on an FSN Free subscription for a limited time only.  Access your copy and find out more about this in-depth study now and how you can improve service intelligence in your organisation now!

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