Beyond the Binary Code: A Holistic Framework for Field Service Management Software

In this series of articles that are serialized from an exclusive Field Service News white paper authored by Kris Oldland, we discuss what we should be seeking in Field Service Solution Technology partners beyond an impressive feature set… 


As field service organizations build upon the ongoing digital transformation that is transforming our industry, the selection of their next Field Service Management (FSM) solution becomes a critical decision point. However, as we explore in this paper, there is far more to evaluating which provider is right for your business beyond the technical capabilities of the system they provide.


Indeed these should be assumed to be in place, but what about the other key considerations of what makes a great technology partner?


In the complex balance of modern field service operation, Field Service Management (FSM) software is an essential core tool that drives operational excellence. Indeed, a modern FSM system is at this point undeniably critical in ensuring that the myriad of moving parts that build a seamless service operation are executed with precision and efficiency.

As field service organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, the imperative to adopt advanced FSM solutions has become paramount, often leading decision-makers to favour technological features prominently in their selection criteria.


However, as we are now seeing many of the technologies that were yesterday’s bleeding edge technology establish maturity and become widely embedded in the majority of FSM systems, the savvy field service organization understands the need for a more nuanced discourse on the comprehensive evaluation of FSM technology providers – beyond the allure of their technical specifications.

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