Can we centralize decentralization?

There are benefits and challenges to both the centralized and decentralized approaches to field service delivery…


However, with the modern tools available to field service organizations, particularly as we see the emergence of next-generation field service management software, it is becoming increasingly possible to combine the two seemingly disparate approaches.


In essence, is it now possible to decentralize a centralized approach to field service delivery?


Having co-authored a paper together exploring this topic, Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News, and Martin Knook, CEO, Gomocha, now dig deeper into the concept, exploring both the strengths and weaknesses of each model and how they can be aligned.


In this excerpt from what was a great, in-depth discussion, the two assess whether it is indeed possible, given the modern tools now available to field service companies, to be able to bring together the benefits of both a centralized and decentralized approach to field service delivery.

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