Customer Service 2.0

In this feature taken from a white paper published by BigChange, we explain why businesses are increasingly looking at customer experiences as a new source of competitive advantage.


The field service sector is incredibly competitive. Fewer than half of field service firms are currently profitable. A quarter of reported losing money in the 12 months to July 2021 and one in eight fear they could go out of business in the next year.


With costs rising, especially for fuel and materials, the scope for field service businesses to compete on price is getting smaller. Businesses are instead looking at customer experiences as a new source of competitive advantage.


Our survey looked at what ‘good’ looks like in the sector, and the evidence suggests that standards are getting more exacting.


  • Two-thirds (68%) of leaders say ‘Good’ customer service now means same- working-day fixes for reactive jobs.
    And nine out of ten say within 24 hours is the minimum.
  • Two-thirds (65%) say good service involves the customer being kept fully informed digitally with precise arrival-time updates, details of who is doing the work, confirmation of work completed, and instant invoices.
  • More than half (54%) say that, when it comes to operations, a ‘good’ system is one in which every part of operations – from job scheduling to invoicing – is automated and optimised within a single system.


When it comes to customer service, the bar is rising quickly.  

The Amazon Effect


The Amazon effect means customers are demanding better. Rapid progress in online retail has created an expectation for quick, reliable, effective services and real-time digital updates in all walks of life.


What does it take to deliver good customer service for field service firms?


  • 68% of leaders say ‘good’ service meands same-day fixes for reactive jobs
  • 65% say good service involves the customer being kept fully informed
  • 54% say a single system optimising activities is essential for good operations
Let’s Grow Stronger


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