Service Intelligence is the Future of Field Service

Service Intelligence is the Future of Field Service

Service intelligence is the future of field service and it’s the best way organizations can make
laser-focused business decisions.


Artificial intelligence used to be a future goal for most field service organizations, but with the level
of user-friendly AI available today, companies can find the right technology to meet their challenges.


While not all AI is created equal, there is one all-encompassing solution on the market:

Service Intelligence.

Built with the needs of service organizations in mind, Service Intelligence goes beyond traditional business intelligence tools. It understands your specific business and highlights areas that need improvements.

Alternatively, Service Intelligence shows which aspects of your business are working and why.

It also delivers actionable recommendations based on business priorities and customer needs. And just as importantly, it presents that information in a way that details where executives should make improvements and which areas they should focus on in order to cut down on costs.


As an organization, we are bringing on the right technology that will enable our business to run more efficiently. Our systems have a lot of data that needs to be cleaned and fed through the [AI technology] to get [actionable and insightful] outcomes.

Aquant provides us the tools to gain relevant insights into our key KPIs. [We can bring] a more customer- centric perspective, as well as drive revenue growth, and improve efficiencies and margin performance.


Ready to surface the biggest opportunities for your organization to cut costs and improve efficiency —
all using your own service data?

Schedule a demo of Service Insights to see how leading organizations are predicting service and customer needs, creating data-driven plans, and more — and how you can get started.


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