Technology as a Foundation: Three Pillars to Seek Beyond Feature Sets

In this series of articles that are serialized from an exclusive Field Service News white paper authored by Kris Oldland, we discuss what we should be seeking in Field Service Solution Technology partners beyond an impressive feature set… 


In the first part of this series, we looked at why an impressive feature set is not the only consideration we should focus on when selecting a technology partner. However, of course, the technology has to be the foundation from which we start evaluating potential partners. In this article we now look at three key functions we should expect in modern Field Service management solutions.


In our sector, the interaction between business processes and technological innovation has steadily grown across the last decade and now is more interwoven than ever before.


At the same time, while in many respects technology has allowed us to achieve more with less, something that is top of agenda for many field service organisations for multiple reasons, in terms of sophistication running under the hood of the field service technology stack, there is perhaps more complexity than ever.


In many ways while the seamless flow of data across multiple systems is essential the core systems of FSM and SLM that underpin service operations must act as something of an anchor that provides a consistent platform for scalability, reliability and security.


Such attributes are not just nice to haves – they are essential pillars for operational success in field service.

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