The Value of In-Person Interactions

The Value of In-Person Interactions

At this year’s Field Service Symposium Field Service News hosted a series of simultaneous ThinkTanks amongst the audience of senior field service leaders.


The format allowed for multiple conversations to be hosted on the same theme all happening at the same time.


Each ThinkTank was moderated by one of our industry-experts and now those experts, Sarang Sambare, Senior Director Industry Solutions, Syncron, Kevin Herring, Senior Advisory Consultant – Field Service Management, ServiceNow and Mark Wilding, Vice President, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax join Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Field Service News to reflect on those key discussions.


In this debrief session the group reflect on a topic that has been part of an ongoing series of content across Field Service News in 2022 – given all of the seismic changes our industry has gone through since the pandemic, do we now have to completely redefine field service?


In this excerpt from the full forty-five minute discussion we hear from Wilding as he relays how much of the discussions he held during the two days revolved around understanding the intrinsic value that still remains in the in-person interaction of the field service technician.

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