Understanding FLS VISITOUR - winner Technology Innovation of the Year

Understanding FLS VISITOUR - winner Technology Innovation of the Year

In October 2022 Field Service News hosted the second annual European Field Service Awards to celebrate the ingenuity and excellence of our industry. In its second year the EFSA received an incredible number of high quality submissions.


In the category of Technology Innovation of the Year there were a number of fantastic nominations submitted by service leaders who had seen the technology drive improvement within their service operation. However, one winner, with a number of compelling nominations from a range of different industry verticals stood out, FLS – FAST LEAN SMART’s FLS VISITOUR solution.


As a follow-up to their acknowledgment at the European Field Service Awards, Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief of Field Service News, spoke with Jeremy Squire, Managing Director UK for FLS – FAST LEAN SMART, to discover more about the way they approach working with field service companies and whether he believes our industry will continue to see innovation and excellence through technology in the coming years.


In this excerpt from the full interview, Squire tells us more about the type of companies that are using the solution to improve their service operations.

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 Many congratulations to FLS – FAST LEAN SMART on their acknowledgment as ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ at the 2022 European Field Service Awards