Working smarter rather than harder with field service resources

There are many echoes from the software sector that we are seeing evolve amongst field service organisations…


Let us not forget that the move to Software as a Service was the front runner and ultimately became the established blueprint for the everything as a Service world we are seeing emerge in the modern economy.


Similarly, the fundamental concepts of customer success so long embedded in the software industry share many commonalities with advanced service and servitization approaches that we have seen grow within our own sector across the last decade.


Yet within a broad horizontal sector like field service is advanced service strategy and design enough to develop holistic service solutions that are centred around the customers’ output? Or do we, as service providers need a more intimate understanding of the vertical industries we serve?


To dig deeper into this topic Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News was joined by Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile for a conversation in the Field Service News Digital Symposium.


Having built an impressive Field Service Management software solution at Totalmobile through a series of acquisitions that demonstrate a deep level of understanding of the needs of field service organisations at various levels of maturity, Darragh is perfectly placed to offer key insight into this important topic and drawing on his experience as a five time CEO offers us the benefit of his knowledge both in terms of how he and his team approach customer success as well as what this looks like for their customers who come from a wide range of service-centric verticals.


Within the discussion the two discuss:


  • The parallels of customer success within the software sector and servitization 
  • How we went from Software as a Service to Everything as a Service and why
  • Working smarter rather than harder with field service resources
  • The importance of understanding the nuanced challenges of an industry vertical 
  • Why we need to understand the challenges of customer multiple stakeholders


In this excerpt from the full discussion, Darragh outlines how field service companies must be prepared to leverage modern technology to be able to utilise their existing workforce more effectively, particularly as we continue to transition into a world of servitization and customer-centric service strategies.

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