Field Service and Fleet Management: FREE Research Report › Field Service News

Field Service and Fleet Management: FREE Research Report › Field Service News

The headline objective in this latest exclusive FSN Research study, run in partnership with GPS Insight is to explore the relationship between enterprise fleet management and field service operations.


Our goal is to understand if the two business units work together and use these shared tools to drive efficiencies across the business as a whole or if they’re being used in isolation.


In the latest FSN Research study we spoke to over 180 field service leaders to find out more…

Having conducted an exclusive study with over 180 field service management leaders from multiple industries and regions across the world Field Service News is pleased to present the findings in this exclusive research report published in partnership with GPS Insight where we explore the relationship between field and fleet management from both a technology integration and management structure perspective. Are these two discplines aligned or do they continue to operate in silos? Join FSN FREE today to get instant access to the findings PLUS a fresh selection of premium content every month – COMPLETELY FREE forever. 

Are you a field service management professional that wants to better understand best-in-class approaches to ensure the field service and fleet management teams work in harmony towards shared goals?

Read this report today to discover the industry trends of how fleet and field are aligned and how best-in-class companies are achieving this

Read the report now to learn more about ...

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