The Service Leader's Recession Playbook: How to Accelerate Your Organization’s Efficiency

The Service Leader's Recession Playbook: How to Accelerate Your Organization’s Efficiency (2022)

Is economic uncertainty on the horizon – or has it already started?

Every day, there are more news headlines: economists are predicting a wave of economic uncertainty and, across the globe, businesses are already facing new levels of unpredictability.

Are you taking steps to limit the impact of a bumpy economy on your service business?


Reducing spending or freezing headcounts was the traditional first step – but these methods aren’t as helpful today because of ongoing labor shortages, skills gaps, and increasing customer demands.

There’s a better way to make a big impact – and it all starts with tech. Today’s savviest leaders are going digital, adopting tools such as AI, which provides key insights to solve today’s toughest service challenges.

In this eBook, we look at the top five ways service leaders are using AI to meet critical goals across their organizations including:
  • Improve the entire customer experience journey
  • Provide proactive maintenance
  • Cut labor costs by upskilling the workforce
  • Unite all departments of a company, from Engineering to Product
  • Adopt data-driven decision-making for maximum ROI



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