Think Tank Sessions Debrief: Defining Customer Success in the Field Service Sector

We have heard much discussion in our industry around the shift towards more advanced services and servitization…


Similarly, discussions around customer success are widespread in executive rooms of companies of all sizes and from all industries – but are these two topics closely aligned? Is one the off-shoot of the other? Or is customer success merely a more fully fleshed out iteration of customer satisfaction and a separate discipline to servitization entirely?


This was the focus of discussion across a series of Field Service News Think Tank Sessions that were held across a number of months held in partnership with FieldAware GPS Insight and now having published an Executive Briefing report that outlined the key themes and trends from these discussions, Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined by Marc Tatarsky and Steve Mason of FieldAware, GPS Insight to reflect on what these discussions mean for the broader field service sector as well as understanding what lessons we can take from the software industry which adopted the concepts of customer success for many years.


In this hour long-debrief deep dive video the group discuss:


  • Can customer success be defined in a horizontal industry like the field service sector?
  • Why customer success as a strategy is a more akin to servitization than CSAT
  • How should we approach educating the customer to help drive their success?
  • How adopting an Outside-In perspective can foster a strategy for customer success
  • Why alignment with the client is a critical aspect of the customer success approach
  • The need to understand the challenges of all stakeholders in customer success
  • The spectrum of advanced services from customer success to outcome based services

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