White Paper: Three Core Arguments To Use When Seeking Investment In Your FSM Systems (2019)

Often it is the field service manager, whose day-to-day interactions with field service engineers and customers alike give them crucial insight into the areas in which their service organisation requires improvement, who is the first to identify the need for investment in upgrading, replacing or improving their field service infrastructure.


It is the field service manager who has to find the balance between ever-increasing customer expectations and growing demands from the executive board. It is a dichotomy of constantly trying to do more with less.


It is the field service manager who is seeing his team heading towards retirement age while he struggles to replace them with an influx of millennial recruits. It is the field service manager who can see the importance of investing in improved service management software to improve his and his team’s ability to tackle these day-to-day challenges more effectively and to drive their service delivery towards the levels of excellence both his board and his customers demand.


All too often, it can take years for that field service manager to convince his organisation to invest in a project to enhance their service delivery capabilities – if they ever do so at all. But with the current pace of competitive change at an all-time high, any delay in pushing forward such a project could put a business at a competitive disadvantage.


With this in mind, this white paper looks at three key areas in which field service managers can build a case for this investment to take to the board to expedite a decision.

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