#FSN20: Technology is no longer holding back service evolution (2022)

The #FSN20 is Field Service News’ annual celebration of excellence, innovation and leadership within the global field service sector. One of this year’s members is Rajat Kakar, Senior Vice President, QuickWorks.


Prior to joining Quickworks, Kakar had become a well recognised figure within the industry having held senior service roles with Fujitsu, before joining the executive team at IBM on the service side of their organisation.


Kakar has also been a common figure on the field service event circuit having chaired WBR’s Field Service Connect and more recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session at our own Field Service News Symposium where he had the role of answering any and all questions relating to the development of how we use data.


Indeed, Kakar has something of a unique blend of experience crossing the worlds of service operations, technologist and leadership, and it is this broad knoweldge-base along with a charming demeanour and a willingness to share his guidance to anyone that asks that makes him such a genuine leader and ally to our industry.


As part of our coverage of the #FSN20 Kakar joined Kris Oldland on the Field Service News Digital Symposium. As always the long-form format of the conversation allowed space for us to drill into some of the key experiences and insights Kakar has to offer.


Some of the key talking points from that discussion include:

  • How does our current mode of operations evolve into a future mode?
  • Understanding the why of digital transformation
  • Are we at a point where we can truly utilise asset data in real-time effectively?
  • We no longer need to move data from one system to another. How?
  • The correlation between data flow and operational success and making it easy
  • Make the decision easy for your CFO and you will get the investment you need
  • Has accelerated digital transformation made field service overly complex?
  • The best technology is technology you don’t notice

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#FSN20 is an annual celebration of excellence, innovation and leadership shaping the global field service sector. This content is proudly sponsored by Salesforce.

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