Interview: Digital Transformation and the Democratization of Service Excellence. Ft. Bulent Cinarkaya and Tasker Generes, ServiceNow

Field Service News and ServiceNow have recently partnered on an exclusive new white paper “Understanding The Next Phase Of IoT Evolution” and as part of the planning for this paper Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News was joined on the Field Service News Digital Symposium by Tasker Generes and Bulent Cinarkaya of ServiceNow to discuss how IoT can improve asset management, workforce management and drive customer success.


Areas of discussion include: Will an economic downturn drive field service as a revenue generator, The experience economy will lead to a need for better customer relationships, We need to rethink training in field service, Effective IoT strategy needs executive buy-in across a business, IoT in field service must be considered a strategic conversation, The broader value of asset data beyond field service, Data, like oil, needs processing to add value, The accelerated path of digital transformation in field service


Want to know more? Read the new White Paper from Field Service News Research “Understanding the Next Phase of IoT Evolution” published in partnership with ServiceNow. Find out more here

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