Interview: Digitalisation, Servitization, and Service Marketing. Ft. Dr. Chris Raddats (2021)

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined by Dr. Chris Raddats of the University of Liverpool, a seasoned expert with experience from both the industry and academic sides of the aisle centred around servitization, digitalisation and service marketing.


During the discussion, the two talk about a wide range of topics related to Raddat’s sphere of insight including reflecting on the current learnings that are coming from a recent raft of academic literature.


Areas of discussion include: 


  • Has servitization reached critical mass? 
  • The need for more robust definitions around servitization
  • Just how big is big data for field service operations?
  • Why digitalisation further emphasises the importance of Outside-In thinking
  • The close relationship between servitization and digitalisation
  • Conflict and resolution around data ownership
  • Distilling the learning of servitization from recent academic studies
  • Echoes across servitization and digitalisation
  • Digitalisation and rethinking field service delivery

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