Interview: Evolution of an Entire Industry Through the Use of Remote Service Technology. Ft. Alessandro Borzacchi (2021)

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined by Alessandro Borzacchi of Rail Cargo Italia to discuss their implementation of a sophisticated remote service solution that is set to change the way things are done across the entire rail freight sector on a continent-wide basis.


Areas of discussion include: 


  • The drivers behind RailCargo Group’s implementation of remote service solutions,
  • How one company’s innovation can shape an entire industry,
  • Best-practices and pitfalls to avoid when implementing a remote service solution,
  • How RailCargo Group rolled out a remote service solution deployment,
  • The next steps on the road map for RailCargo Group remote service development,
  • Remote service delivery as a tool for recruiting and developing field workers,
  • Advice for service organisations seeking to deploy remote service technologies.

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