Interview: Remote Service as a new default for service delivery. Ft. Izzy Sanchez, Konica Minolta (2023)

Interview: Remote Service as a new default for service delivery. Ft. Izzy Sanchez, Konica Minolta (2023)

The world has changed so much in the last few years and now, many aspects of the innovation and ingenuity that saw the field service sector adapt so well during the pandemic are remaining firmly in place as best-practice for improved service delivery.


One such aspect is remote service delivery, which has been widely adopted over the last two years and is now rapidly becoming standard practice in field service operations.


To learn more about best-practice in this area, our Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland, is joined on the Field Service News Digital Symposium by Izzy Sanchez, Director of Service and Support Systems, Konica Minolta USA. 


Sanchez explains how Konica Minolta has embraced a remote-first workflow and what are the key aspects of remote service delivery, including which types of technology are being used and how to establish the right technicians for remote service roles.


Topics included in this insightful discussion:


  • The types of technology that are being utilised in remote service delivery
  • The new skill sets that are required by remote service technicians
  • Is the lingering impact of the pandemic driving remote service?
  • The data in remote service offers powerful transparency
  • Are we now seeing customer acceptance of remote service?


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