Interview: Understanding Remote Service and its Impact on Field Service. Ft. Evans Manolis and Gary York, Help Lightning (2021)

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News welcomes Gary York, CEO and Evans Manolis, Senior Consultant Help Lightning as the group discuss the practical considerations of implementing Augmented Reality in Field Service.


The discussion looks at whether Augmented Reality (AR) is set to become a key part of the field service toolkit, how the shift to remote services will change the role of the field service engineer, the importance of effortless when it comes to new technology, how AR can improve multiple facets of field service operations and how it can be implemented effectively within just a matter of months.


Areas of discussion include: Should Remote Service be Part of a Holistic Service Offering or a Standalone Offering? The incredible truth of what is possible that we would never dared to have believed pre-pandemic, How Remote Service Became an Overnight Success Many Years in the Making Due to the Pandemic, Has Augmented Reality Reached a Point of Seamless Integration into Field Service Workflows, How Remote Assistance Has Evolved and Why it is a Critical Part of the New Normal of Field Service, In the Last Twelve Months, We Have Redefined What is Possible as an Industry

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