Understanding the transition to remote service delivery from the technician's perspective

In the field service sector there has been much discussion about remote service delivery…


At Field Service News we have looked at the topic from a strategic perspective, explored a number of the key technologies and explored how to achieve fast adoption rates across both employees and customers alike.


Now as we continue to help our industry better understand this seismic shift in how we approach service and maintenance, we take a pragmatic look at the day to day use of remote service tools as we speak to Martin McLean, Remote Service Specialist, with Konica Minolta.


In this wide reaching interview we discuss:


  • Understanding the day-to-day use of remote service tools in service delivery
  • How Konica Minolta are fostering a culture of intrapreneurship within the workforce
  • The role that development and trust can play in workforce retention
  • How are customers reacting to Konica Minolta’s a remote-first policy?
  • Overcoming potential customer barriers to adopting remote service tools?
  • Do we want our most experienced technicians in the field or remote?
  • Can we train remote technicians if they have never worked within a field role?
  • Is experience in the field key to what makes a great remote service specialist?


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