Interview: Why Konica Minolta forged their own path forward with remote first as a default

Konica Minolta’s Ged Cranny, Zdenek Vrbka and Laszlo Szilas-Neff join Field Service News Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland to discuss their remote-service journey and explain why they developed their own internal remote-service delivery solution AIRe Link. 



Topics covered in this in-depth hour-long discussion include:


Why Konica Minolta forged their own path forward with remote-first as a default


How their remote-service journey began long before the pandemic as a move to meet increasing customer expectations while also driving down the cost of service.


The fundamental principles that must be applied to driving remote service adoption both internally and with customers.


The key criterion for which engineers can make the transition from field service to remote service delivery.


Whether remote-first will become the prevalent means of delivering service in the future. 


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